Augmented Reality Table

During my days as a General Manager for the design agency Drivkraft AS, we developed an exhibition stand and the content for our customer Lister Alliance.

The main attraction was not only the exhibition stand in itself but a huge Augmented Reality table with a stylized map of the Lister area on the south-west coast of Norway. On each side of the table there were four 4th generation ipads with augmented reality application installed, developed in cooperation with Tom Idland at IGS.

The map on the table had a total of 13 «hotspots»; one for each member of the Lister Alliance and 3 about the area itself.

If you pointed the iPad against one of the hotspots a 3D-model grew out of the table, seen through the screen. Every spot had its own unique model, in full 360-degrees 3D. Every model was animated and showed the different qualities of the companies.

It created a huge buzz at the ONS exhibition 2013 and was a great success.


Credits goes to:

Magnus Birkenes – Project Manager
Kjetil Ravnås – Art Director, Conecept Developer
Christopher Hove – 3D designer
Tom Idland – Unity Developer