LYDO is the competition for young Gyro Gearlooses!

LYDO is a cooperation between Stavanger Symphony Orchestra and Statoils talent program; “Morgendagens helter” (“Heroes of tomorrow”). The goal is to inspire and stimulate young minds interest in science. We were lucky enough to develop a brand new concept from the start.

LYDO is an annual, interdisciplinary competition between schools in Rogaland from 5th to 10th grade. They are all invited to compete against each other by making the best Rube Goldberg Machine or chain reaction machine there is. The main goal for the machine is for it to make sound or music. All the classes gets their starter kits with balls, wires, tracks etc, but are free to use their own objects. The machines will be filmed and uploaded to the LYDO-webpage so everybody can vote for the best machine. The winners get to show their machine on stage at the grand LYDO SHOW “The Worlds Coolest Physics Class” in Stavanger Concert Hall. The show was hosted by Andreas Wahl, known physicist from NRK.

The show in itself is a scientific journey where sound, music and physics meet and is displayed in various ways through for instance cymatics. As a grand finale to the show Andreas Wahl, Stavanger Symphony Orchestra played together with two of the worlds biggest Tesla Coils as the first orchestra in the world.

LYDO Webpage

Statoil – Morgendagens Helter

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Credits goes to:

Kjetil Ravnås – Concept, Digital Media & Social Media Campaign, Art Direction
Eli Tangen – Art Direction & Graphic Design, Profile
Christopher Hove – Video production