There is nothing that beats growing and eating your own food.

IVAR is a company that deals with water, waste water and waste services. During the Gladmatfestivalen 2013, a local food festival, we were asked to come up with a concept that would not only stimulate people to grow ecological food but also save as much water as possible. If possible, it should engage young and adults alike. What we came up with was a arduino-controlled windowfarm.

A windowfarm is a hanging herb garden that maximizes your grow area in your window by growing vertically. We named ours the “dinglehagen”.

It is basically built by utilizing renewable materials, simple clamps and plastic hoses, run by an arduino controlled aquarium pump. It uses the vacume pump principle in a water reservoir and it pumps water and nutrients to the top of the garden. The water runs down through all the containers and waters the roots, only to be collected back in the reservoir again. There is no organic grow materials like soil so it is a very clean way of growing and you can leave it for several weeks unattended

What is a windowfarm?

Credits goes to:

Kjetil Ravnås – Concept, Art Direction, Assembly
Christopher Hove – Assembly, Engineering